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Workshops with the Mind Architect

Find freedom on a more specific challenge you're facing through Peter's workshop recordings.

Free Your Future Workshop

Reflect on what has been and what has yet to arrive, reconcile our histories, and set goals to envisage a magical year ahead.

Find a New Sense of Trust and Patience

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Free Your Relationships Workshop

We are often acting in life to serve the deep-seated desire to belong, be loved, be fully accepted. When we become attached to those urges, we stagnate, which creates ramifications across every aspect of our lives; our psychology, our physiology, and especially in our relationship to ourselves and to others.

Find a New Ability to Connect

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Free Your Health Workshop

Peter has created a new perspective on health to inspire a revolution in what’s available for humanity by using mindset, diet, and lifestyle to help us reach profound levels of true vitality and freedom.

Reveal True Vitality

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Freedom From Anxiety Workshop

Albeit natural to be on the lookout for potential threats, we live in a world where for most people that threat response is imbalanced and for some can feel never-ending. Whether you're struggling with low-level anxiety and mild concern or panic attacks and constant worry this workshop will help you reach new levels of inner peace and freedom.

Find Inner Peace

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