Free Your Mind

Change Your Mindset and Experience True Freedom

The Mind Architect's First Online Course

Do you want to let go of what's holding you back? In this interactive video-based training, I present how mental constructs limit us and how to find true freedom.

What is the series?

In this online course, you'll have access to insights about how to understand and overcome the limitations of our mind. You'll also witness real life breakthroughs as he works with four guests and shows them how to overcome their problems and discover freedom.

Part 1. The Insights

In this overview series of 4 video lessons, I break down how mental constructs dictate our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and consequently how mindset directly determines our experience of life.

Insights Details

Part 2. The Guest Sessions

Watch as I put insights into practice by following sessions with four guests. Witness as I guide the guests from fear to liberation by revealing the root cause of each of their issues. You get to vicariously apply the same tools and wisdom to your own challenges and so discover your own freedom.

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Part 3. Q&A with Peter

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Once you’ve finished the course, join me for a live group deep dive into the questions people ask after the course. If you're unable to join the live call, the recording will be available. This call will take place on November 15th at 1 pm PT.

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What People Are Saying

"I did your course and it felt like a veil was being lifted.

Your words have stayed with me since.

I cannot unhear them!"

- Sanya
"Everyone should take Peter’s course. Period.

His work IS the best in the market and it has made a relentless difference in my life."

- Little Peony
“I took the Free Your Mind course and the learnings have had a real impact on my life. I had been struggling with my relationship with my son for years. I can now bring more compassion not only for my son but more importantly for myself.”

- Sven
“Holy shit. Your session with Om hit home for me. Mind blowing.

Your course was worth every penny even if I’d only watched that one session! So much gratitude for you.”

- Jon
“I was able to dissolve the blind spots that I have had for the last two decades.

The liberation that I am experiencing since then is just pure bliss.”

- Nadia
”I’ve emigrated halfway around the world in an attempt to fix my past.

But these days, thanks to you, I’ve reconciled it, finding peace right where I’m at.”

- Liliana


1 YEar of access



Questions For Reflection


17 Videos • 8 PDFs + Transcripts

$199 USD


Insights + Guest Sessions

Questions for Reflection


31 Videos • 11 PDFs + Transcripts

$499 USD


Insights + Guest Sessions

Questions for Reflection

Group Q&A with Peter on 11/15

33 Videos • 11 PDFS • LIVE Q&A

$699 USD

Kind Words

Kristen Jackman
Kristen Jackman
"He’s Marie Kondo for your mind."
Gwenyth Paltrow
Gwenyth Paltrow
"The fact that Peter calls himself a mind architect is apropos, because he can articulate – in such a simple, powerful, and direct way – a blueprint to build the framework for joy, and access tools to help unbridle your potential."
E. Ings-Chambers
E. Ings-Chambers
Financial Times
"Meeting Peter Crone is like meeting Buddha, Einstein, and Austin Powers at the same time."
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