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Freedom From Anxiety

From Anxiety to Peace of Mind

By default as human beings, we’re wired to survive. This instinct has us be hypervigilant at times. Which can lead to endless worry and anxiety.

Albeit natural to be on the lookout for potential threats, we live in a world where for most people that threat response is imbalanced and for some can feel never-ending.

Find a New Freedom

This workshop will help you gain a profound understanding of how to handle your anxiety while also revealing how to live from the inherent freedom found beneath your perceived limitations.

Whether you're struggling with low-level anxiety and mild concern or panic attacks and constant worry this workshop will help you reach new levels of inner peace and freedom.

Workshop Elements

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understand a pathway to inner peace.

Foundations of Anxiety

Where does anxiety orginate from

One of the fundamental root causes of anxiety is the concern that our future is not good. This is generated through our own perception so is actually located in our mind. Which is why any mild and even severe feelings of apprehension can be completely dissolved.

Reverse Engineer Your Anxiety

Learn about the true nature of anxiety

If you want to make lasting change in your life then you have to bring awareness to the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind. These are deep programs that all humans have in order to survive. I’ll help you reverse engineer your worries to reveal how anxiety is a byproduct of living in a mental prison of deep-seated constraints.

DISCOVER Another Way

Anxiety as a gift

Get a profound understanding of how to handle your anxiety. You're either living from the limited ego, or your boundless soul. The reality is we are powerful beyond measure. In this workshop I’ll be revealing how to live from the inherent freedom found BENEATH your perceived limitations.

Create True Peace & Vitality

The elements that will help YOU thrive

Breakthrough moment: Discover the two primary prisons that ALL humans live within and finally break out of the shackles of your subconscious mind and all anxiety to discover an experience of freedom and joy most people don’t even know is possible

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"Freedom From Anxiety" Workshop

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Kind Words

Kristen Jackman
Kristen Jackman
"He’s Marie Kondo for your mind."
 Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow
"The fact that Peter calls himself a mind architect is apropos, because he can articulate – in such a simple, powerful, and direct way – a blueprint to build the framework for joy, and access tools to help unbridle your potential."
E. Ings-Chambers
E. Ings-Chambers
Financial Times
"Meeting Peter Crone is like meeting Buddha, Einstein, and Austin Powers at the same time."
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