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The Guest Sessions

In the guest sessions, witness Peter reveal the root cause of each guest’s issue with wisdom that you can apply to your own challenges.

The Jacy Session

Jacy comes to Peter with a goal of achieving financial prosperity that he believes is hindered by the stress of his relationship with his family. In this session, Peter guides Jacy in examining his core beliefs to free himself of the self-criticism weighing him down and ultimately revive his capacity to give and receive love.

Being You is Enough

The Erin Session

Overcome with stress and chronic migraines, Erin is worried about her future and how to make the right decision about this next phase of her life. In this session, Peter guides her in identifying the limiting beliefs of uncertainty in order for her to start creating a life from a place of peace and limitless possibility.

Pure Possibility

The Om Session

Considered to be a successful private chef, Om describes how he experiences anxiety and overwhelm when leading his cooking classes. By letting go of previous patterns of judgement, Peter helps Om open up to an entirely new perspective of forgiveness, ultimately allowing him to show up more fully for his work and relationships.


The Muna Session

Having left her job in the nonprofit world to pursue art, Muna wonders whether her new work will be impactful. Peter helps Muna become aware of the self-programming underneath these feelings to empower her to embrace the unique beauty each person has to make a difference in the world, regardless of their profession.



Following each lesson, Peter shares questions to reflect on each of the Insights lessons as both video and downloadable PDFs to contemplate each of the Insights lesson's application in your life.

Additional Resources

Following Each Session


Following each Questions for Reflection video, Peter helps us understand the lesson more profoundly by answering frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following Each Session

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