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The Insights

In this series of videos, Peter breaks down how mental constructs dictate our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and consequently how mindset determines our experience.

The Human Condition

The paradigm we live in is based on survival. This leads to the pursuit of a “one day” idealized future which leaves us exhausted and unwell. Peter introduces what exists beyond the current limiting paradigm so we can start to shift our perception of what it means to be human and truly alive.


Relating to Your Ego

In this video, Peter discusses the nature of the problems we all face in our lives. He explains the blocks we all share to becoming more of our authentic selves. Ultimately, Peter helps us recognize the aspects of ourselves that lead us further away from happiness.

Lesson 1

Overcoming Adversity

In this video, Peter describes what it means to attain true success by sharing how to maintain a sense of inner peace and calm regardless of our circumstances. He also discusses the truth about facing and overcoming adversity.

Lesson 2

Living Up to Your Potential

Living up to our potential is the constant opportunity of what it means to be human. The more we evolve, the greater possibility we have to operate from a place of being limitless. Peter discusses what the worst addiction humanity has and the key to unlocking your freedom.

Lesson 3

Finding Reverence For Life

In this video, Peter helps us understand how our commitment to interconnectedness allows us to reclaim our sense of unity, enhance our ability to love, and develop a respect for all beings in life.

Lesson 4

Questions For Reflection

Following each lesson, Peter shares questions to reflect on each of the Insights lessons as both video and downloadable PDFs to contemplate each of the Insights lesson's application in your life.

Additional Resources

Following Each Lesson

Question & Answer Sessions

Following each Questions for Reflection video, Peter helps us understand the lesson more profoundly by answering frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following Each Lesson

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