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The True Nature of Love

The True Nature of Love

Our relationships with everything and everyone reveal deeper aspects of the relationship we have with ourselves. We are often acting in life to serve the deep-seated desire to belong, be loved, be fully accepted. When we become attached to those urges, we stagnate, which creates ramifications across every aspect of our lives; our psychology, our physiology, and especially in our relationship to ourselves and to others.

Workshop Recording

Workshop Details


Relationship Workshop


Relationship to Self and Other


120 Minute Workshop


Access Recording for 1 Year

Workshop Elements

Journey to Deeper Awareness

Determine your subconscious limitations

Gain a deeper understanding of the true nature of relationship.

Understand How You Relate

Analyze your current relationships

Discover the root cause of why you have the results you see in your relationships and how to create loving relationships in your life.

Gain Greater Perspective

Recognize what influences you

Recognize what aspects of the past you're bringing with you into the present moment.

Experience a New Freedom

Learn the formula to consciously relate

Access a newfound freedom to powerfully relate.

Kind Words

"He’s Marie Kondo for your mind."

-Kristen Jackman


& change your relationship with yourself and others

Relationships Workshop Recording

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  • 120 Minute Workshop Recording
  • 1 Year Access to Recording

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