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Free Your Future

A Year of Pure Possibility

Access the recording of last year's New Year’s workshop to reflect on what has been and what has yet to arrive, reconcile our histories, and set goals to envisage a magical year ahead.

With every new year, our opportunity is to let go, to learn, and to embrace the next chapter with new eyes. And most importantly to express gratitude for what life revealed within us. This workshop recording is an opportunity to learn about what's truly holding us back and to set ourselves up for a new way of living.

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A Journey to the Deeper Truth

Through a series of questions you'll create your life in the new year.

Part 1. Understand Creation

Learn the nature of reflection

Gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of true reflection. Peter will lead a contemplative practice.

Part 2. Learn From Your Past

Undergo An Exercise

Discover the root cause of why you have the results you see in your life and any issues from your past.

Part 3. Know Your Reality

Recognize what influences your present moment

Recognize what aspects of the past you're bringing with you into the present moment.

Part 4. Create your future

Learn the formula to consciously creating your future

Access a newfound freedom to powerfully create so you can work towards what matters most in each moment of your life.

Experience a new freedom

Change your future

Free Your Future Workshop Recording

$447 USD

Free Your Future Workshop Recording

  • 1.5 Hour Workshop Recording
  • 1 Year Access to Recording From Purchase Date
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