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Discover True Health

Peter Crone has created a new perspective on health to inspire a revolution in what’s available for humanity by using mindset, diet, and lifestyle to help us reach profound levels of true vitality and freedom. For over three decades Peter has been passionate about health. From his BSc in human biology and exercise physiology, to being a yoga teacher, pilates instructor, and performance trainer, as well as an Ayurvedic Practitioner for over 20 years ... if there's something Peter loves to speak about, it's what does it mean to be TRULY healthy.

Tap Into Physical Vitality

This is a huge opportunity to learn from a man who has helped the best of the best to reveal what has been holding them back so they can tap into their innate vitality through diet, lifestyle, and mindset.

Whether you're struggling with your health or want to take your body and life to the next level, this workshop is for you!

Tap Into Physical Vitality

Health Workshop Elements

Join Peter for a recorded workshop to
understand a pathway to vitality.

Foundations of Health

What does it mean to be healthy

In this day and age we hear the word health virtually daily. But what does it really mean to be healthy?


Learn about the roots of this beautiful natural science

Gain deep insight into the principles of Ayurveda, from its history to its basis on the five primary elements.


Take a customized test to learn your personal body type

Get a profound understanding of the energy of the three doshas and how they impact your personal health and daily life.


How the doshas lead to symptoms and disease

Gain insight as to why as humans we develop the imbalances and sicknesses that we do.

Create Balance & Vitality

The elements that will help YOUR body thrive

Learn how to incorporate the wisdom of Ayurveda and health to create balance and vitality.


Join Peter for a recorded Q&A to learn the answers
to many of the common health questions following the workshop


Learn from Your REcordings

Access your video recordings of both to learn from them again and again. You will have access to both recordings for 1 year from your purchase date.

Part 1: Introduction

Beginning of the Q&A

To begin the call, Peter presented a couple key elements of his philosophy.


Majority of the Q&A

This is a unique opportunity to hear Peter answer a number of the most common questions submitted.


Conclusion of the Q&A

In this section of the call, Peter shared his final insights and provided guidance based on the unique questions that came up during the call.

Q&A BONUS : Dosha Reference Guides

Join the Q&A and get the keys to true health

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And change your future.

Health Workshop

+ Ayurvedic Questionnaire

  • 135 Minute Workshop
    + Ayurvedic Worksheet
  • 1 Year Access to Recording from Purchase Date
Access the Recording

Health Workshop
+ Q&A

+ Ayurvedic Questionnaire & BONUS Dosha Reference Guides

  • 135 Minute Workshop + 90 Minute Q&A + Ayurvedic Worksheet + Dosha Guide
  • 1 Year Access to Recordings from Purchase Date
Access the Recordings

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